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The North Coast Community Exchange meeting for March was held at the Sandel Centre and we were treated to a Qigong demonstration by Ettaline. We were all encouraged to join in and the half hour workshop was a great way to practice, learn and experience this gentle form of exercise. Ettaline explained that the subtle movement and breathwork aids relaxation as it is like a moving meditation. It also helps balance, flexibility, strength and helps to lower stress levels.

Everyone who took part agreed that the half hour practice had a very calming affect. There was time to ask Ettaline more about the practice and where we can acces her classe. She explained that she holds group classes in Portstewart on Monday mornings and in Coleraine on Tuesaday evings.

Ettalline will accept part waves and part sterling for her classes, she also offers Shiatsu Massage. For more information you will find her contact details under NCCE0054.

The meeting was attended by 15 people. There wa stime after the Qigong session to say how the exchange is going for us all and to share ideas. There was also time for new members to sign up and for people to look at the items brought in for exchange that day while chatting over a cup of tea.

Next Talk : Slow Movement

During our next meetup (Ballycastle, 20 April), John will give a talk on the subject of Slow Movement.

We live in a word that has become ridiculous is its pace and demands. The Slow Movement is a conscious decision to change our outlook to attempt to restore to life and living a philosophy which take back control of both pace of our lives and demands on us both mentally and practically.

The S.L.O.W. Movement is Sustainable, Local, Organic and Whole

The aim of the presentation and any discussion is to give a brief introduction to the movement and to try to show how John attempts to do this through his boat building business and, in a very general way how we can build the philosophy into practise in our day to day lives.

next meetup in Ballycastle: Saturday 20th April, 11am-1pm

Feel free to come and learn about the Community Exchange

Venue: Solas Studio, Unit 13, Moyle Enterprise Centre, Leyland Road, Ballycastle, BT54 6DT.

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