Organic Living talk report

At February's North Coast Exchange meeting, Linda and Martin gave a very inspirational, informal talk on Living Organically.

They took us through the day and how, from morning to night, we can consider the chemicals we use over the day. Starting with teeth brushing in the morning, showering, cleaning the house through to paint and home maintenance.


It was fascinating to realise how many ways we can all make changes to benefit both our health and the environment, simply by checking labels, sourcing organic produce and products, using refillable containers and sourcing chemical free paints etc.

The audience of 25 were engaged throughout and this was evident by the questions, ideas and enthusiastic discussion that followed Linda and Martin's talk.

There was time afterwards, for those new to the idea of the exchange system, to ask questions and have guidance with signing up. As always, new friendships and connections were made.

This format to the meeting at Sandel Centre proved very popular and members of the community exchange are being invited to let us know if they have a subject that they are passionate about and would like to share with the group.

next meetup in Coleraine: Saturday 23rd March, 11am.

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