November Newsletter

November Newsletter

North Coast Community Exchange Newsletter (November 2023)


The exchange is working

October has been a very busy month for the North Coast Community Exchange with more than 1,200 waves worth of trades! People have been exchanging gardening jobs, eggs, jams, computer repairs, advice, reflexology, massages, yoga, graphics design, meditation course, volunteering jobs... It's all about helping each other, making new friends, and reducing our dependence to cash :-)

There are currently 80 users registered.

Community Exchange at the Portrush Swell Festival

The North Coast Community Exchange was present at this year's Swell Festival in Portrush It was great to participate to this lively and joyous festival showcasing the creativity and resources available in the community. We had interesting discussions about alternative ways to trade and how the community exchange can help us change our attachment and reliance to cash.

Organisations using the exchange

Did you know that organisations can register to use the community exchange? There are currently 2 organisations in our exchange, the Community Hub in Ballycastle and Rigpa North Coast Buddhist Meditation group

Organisations like the Community Hub in Ballycastle, can reward their volunteers by giving them waves to thank them for their help. Volunteers can then access goods and services from the community.

Those organisations are not-for profit and are welcoming donations in waves

NCCE at the Northern Coast Area Networking AGM

We will be manning a stand at the Northern Coast Area Networking AGM (Tues. November 14th in Tullglass Hotel, Ballymoney) and this will be a fantastic opportunity for us to tell other community projects about the North Coast Community Exchange and to learn of new ideas and initiatives in our area.

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