First meeting in Ballycastle

First meeting in Ballycastle

Ballycastle first meeting report

A great thank you to everyone who came to the Ballycastle meeting on Sunday 3 July 2022, with a very special thanks to Pauline who hosted beautifully the gathering and also to Dessie for his presentation on the Community Fridge and the lovely food that he brought. We wish Dessie all the best for the launch and look forward to meeting and discussing ways of mutual collaboration.

Thanks to Pauline for accepting the role of local coordinator in Ballycastle. She will do a great job in supporting the users in the area with joining, transactions and communication. However, this is not a one-person role and if you feel that you can help, please offer support.

Mary, one of our newest members has offered to create a "Q&A" section on the website where you will find the answers that were asked during the meeting. Keep an eye on the website.

Following Olivier's and Elaine's zoom discussion and great explanation of how the community exchange works, everyone in the room stayed on for over an hour.

There were lots of lively conversations in small groups. People exchanged knowledge of their exchange experience, others asked questions and lots of people talked about what they could offer and what they would like to receive.

It was great to hear people exchanging phone numbers, emails and business cards.

More tea was made and the lovely selection of home-made cakes, flapjacks and energy balls were enjoyed as the coversations continued around the fire.

It was so good to hear people saying what they could offer, despite earlier in the meeting expressing how they felt they had nothing to offer!!!

Many new friends and contacts were made and on leaving, most people expressed an interest asking 'how do I join' and 'when is the next meeting?'!!

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